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Man makes cougar girlfriend jump off 60-foot cliff by falsely telling her bear was after them

By Mason White 9:00 AM June 29, 2014
Lucas Gingras 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A man tried to kill his girlfriend by scaring her at their campsite.

The man who urged his much older girlfriend to jump off a cliff to escape a nonexistent bear, has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder.

Authorities said that 28-year-old Lucas Gingras, came up with an elaborate hoax in an attempt to kill his girlfriend.

Ladonna Merriman, 44, broke her back and punctured her lung, among other injuries after falling 60 feet from the mountain near Milton, Vermont.

Gingras allegedly told police he had urged Merriman to jump off the cliff because he believed that a bear was attacking his cabin.

Gingras later admitted that he was high on MDMA, and perhaps hallucinated about the bear coming after them.

However, authorities did not believe his story. They believe that it was a deliberate act to cover up his plan of trying to kill Merriman, who had recently tried to break up with him.

Police believe that Gingras spiked Merriman’s drink with MDMA and then told her to jump off the cliff.

In an attempt to reinforce the false story of the bear, police said Gingras burned the couple’s cabin as if the fire had started during the commotion of the animal’s visit.

Prosecutors charged Gingras with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree arson, first-degree domestic assault and reckless endangerment.