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Parents in trouble after photo of young son tied to railing goes viral

By Mason White 8:44 AM June 29, 2014
The child tied to iron bars 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A young boy was subjected to cruel punishment by his own parents.

Police in Mexico, have launched an investigation after a young boy was tied to the iron bars on a balcony.

Officers raided the family home after a neighbor took photos of the boy hanging onto the railing after being tied to it.

55-year-old Mariza Guerrero of Xalapa, a neighbor of the family, took the pictures of the boy and posted it online.
“It was very creepy and horrible to see a little boy tied by the hands and feet with scarves to the balcony,” Guerrero said.

According to neighbors, the child’s mother tied him to the railing while the father watched.

Alberto Silva Ramos, head of the Social Communication in Veracruz, shared the photos on his Twitter profile, saying: “The authorities are investigating this horrible act to punish the guilty.”

The child has been removed from the custody of his parents while the investigation is ongoing.

In another incident, a grandmother tied her grandson with duct tape because the child was irritating her.

After the photos were shared on social networking sites, the grandmother, Olga Lidia Zavala Arias, was arrested.