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Man divorces 14-year-old wife because she is too smart and is now looking for younger wife

By Mason White 8:20 AM June 30, 2014
Mahammadu Saidu with his former wife 

By: Devansh Dutt
A man is angry after his child bride was disobedient and ran away from him.

14-year-old Maimuna Abdullahi of Nigeria, was sold into marriage by her parents for about $200.

However, she was too smart for her new husband, who tried to groom her into the perfect wife through abuse. The husband, 28-year-old Mahammadu Saidu, locked his wife into the house and forced her to work hard.

When the girl had enough of the abuse, she ran back to her parents’ house. However, this rebellion angered her father and he beat his daughter.

When the husband arrived to his in-law’s home he also beat his young wife for daring to escape. The girl was taken to the doctor after her face was swollen from her husband’s beating, and her back and hands had marks from her father’s beating.

Saidu divorced his child bride for daring to flee and he is now looking for a younger wife who will be more obedient.

Saidu blames his former wife’s rebellious behavior on her education. He blames her few years of going to school for her disobedience.

Abdullahi is one of thousands of divorced young women in Nigeria, children who were forced to marry and have since fled or been thrown out of their marital homes by their husbands.