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Truck driver busts speeding police officer who was talking on his cellphone (video)

By Mason White 8:38 AM June 30, 2014
Brian Miner with the police officer 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A speeding police officer was pissed off when a truck driver honked his horn at him.

The officer pulled the driver over and attempted to give him a ticket for honking the horn for no reason.

However, when the officer was informed that he was being recorded he changed his tune and allowed the trucker to leave without a ticket.

Brian Miner was driving in Illinois, when he saw the police officer speed past him at speeds of well over the 70 miles per hour – which is the posted speed limit. The officer was also chatting on his cell phone.

Miner decided to take justice into his own hands and honked several times, in order to alert the officer to his dangerous driving, prompting the officer to stop.

Miner asked the officer if he was above the law, as he was speeding on wet roads while speaking on his phone.

In a video posted on YouTube by Miner, the angry officer was heard telling Miner that he is going to write him a ticket for “unlawful use of horn.”

Miner told the officer that he was being recorded. That is when the officer changed his tune. The officer told Miner: “I didn’t want to hurt your record,” and allowed the driver to leave without a ticket.