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Angry well-dressed man defecates inside bank in solo protest

By Mason White 6:37 AM July 1, 2014
Barclays employees cleaning up the mess 

By: Aarav Sen
An angry man who wanted to show his displeasure with the way a bank was treating him, decided to defecate inside the branch to cause a stink, police in the United Kingdom said.

The middle-aged man carried out his dirty protest calmly at Barclays.

Witnesses at the scene said that the enraged customer walked up and down the stairs of the branch leaving piles of poop in several places before leaving.

The man, believed to be in his 40s, wore flip flops while wandering in the bank. The building in Andover, Hampshire, was forced to close after the incident on Friday morning.

“I looked at the guy and he was quietly walking along the bank. He paced all the areas that he could,” client and witness Gareth McCarthy said.

“It’s very clear what he was doing. He just had this quiet but angry look on his face, as he deposited his waste on the floor,” McCarthy said. “The stench was unreal,” he concluded.

The branch staff were forced to clean up his mess and closed the branch for several hours, before resuming operations.