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5-year-old slapped with sexual misconduct record for pulling down his pants in public

By Mason White 6:51 AM July 1, 2014
Eric Lopez 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A young boy will likely suffer backlash for years to come after a school slapped him with a sexual misconduct report.

5-year-old Eric Lopez of Arizona, was playing at the Ashton Ranch Elementary School playground when he was caught with his pants down.

The boy claimed that another student ordered him to do so or else the other child would do it for him. However, he was taken to the principal’s office.

The 5 year old was ordered to sign a document attesting to voluntarily “depantsing,” in the schoolyard. His mother is furious and is trying to have authorities remove the stain from his permanent school record.

Lopez was accused of a “lewd act,” and was told to sign the document of the charges against him without his parents being present.

The boy also received a school detention in addition to the burden of sexual conduct on his permanent record.

The mother has been locked in a legal battle with the school for two months, to have the sexual misconduct charges removed from her son’s permanent record, arguing that Eric’s actions were just the innocent behavior of a child.

So far however, the Dysart Unified School District in Surprise, Arizona, denied her appeal.

Assistant Superintendent Jim Dean, said the actions taken by the school district are “age appropriate.”

The mother might have to move her young son to a new school district so he can begin with a clean slate.