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Three men seen in bathtub torturing female rabbit to death

By Mason White 7:32 AM July 1, 2014
The suspects with the rabbit 

By: Devansh Dutt
A family in England, is devastated after teenagers uploaded a video to the Internet, showing them torturing their rabbit to death.

Anthony and Rebecca Atkinson, filed a police report after their white lionhead rabbit was stolen from its cage in Seaham, Durham, over the weekend.

The rabbits whereabouts remained a mystery until the family saw a video that showed their pet being tortured to death.

The video, which was posted on Sunday morning hours after the rabbit disappeared, showed three young men without clothes sitting in a bathtub with a white rabbit that looked like the one that belonged to the Atkinson family.

Mrs. Atkinson, 31, said the video showed the rabbit being set on fire and was thrown through a window.

The Atkinsons bought the rabbit Percy, as a companion for their male rabbit, Ken. The rabbits belonged to their children Jessica Lennox, 14, Aaron Lennox, 10, and 4-year-old Brynn Atkinson.

The rabbit has left behind five 11-day-old babies. They are now left without a mother. The family began hand feeding the rabbit babies.

Five men, between the ages of 16 and 20, have been arrested in connection with the incident.