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Video shows pig born with human face

By Mason White 7:31 AM July 1, 2014
The creature 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) People are calling for an investigation after videos of a weird creature was posted to the Internet.

The creature is the color of a pig and has many similarities to pigs. However, its face looks like a human.

The footage of the “pig-looking” creature was reportedly taken in the country of Laos, which is near Vietnam.

The person who uploaded the video to the Internet, said that the creature was born with a human head and a long tongue.

The weird-looking creature has terrified many people. Some have suggested that DNA tests be done to confirm exactly what exactly the creature is.

Others said that this must be a result of bestiality and that the person responsible for this should be punished. The creature is being cared for by locals as a human.