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Mother leaves 3 young children in the United Kingdom to marry U.S. prison inmate

By Mason White 8:09 AM July 3, 2014
Jennifer Butler with her kids and with Christopher Mosier 

By: Devansh Dutt
A woman chose to leave her young children behind in the United Kingdom, to marry a prisoner in a United States prison.

Jennifer Butler, 29, is leaving her three children, all under 10 years old, with their father to be with the prisoner she met online.

Butler plans to establish a home with 23-year-old Christopher Mosier, when he is released on parole in two months.

Butler said that Mosier is a wonderful man who has made ​​some mistakes in the past. However, “everyone deserves a second chance,” she said.

The single mother began writing to Mosier in July 2011, after seeing his profile on a website that connects inmates with pen pals.

His profile revealed that he had been sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2009, for a violent robbery and drug possession. Butler said that she was impressed by his honesty.

Butler began writing three letters a week to the convict and developed a strong friendship, but in June 2013, Mosier suddenly stopped sending her letters.

She admits that she became very sad when she did not hear from him. It was then that she realized her feelings for Mosier ran much deeper and that she was in love with him.

When she received a letter from him a month later, she was very excited. “He told me that the prison was on lockdown so had was not able to get stamps to write to me,” Butler said.

“I realized I was in love with him and I could not bear to lose him,” she added.

Their relationship became more serious, and Butler encouraged her three children, Tyler, 8, Tristan, 7, and Mia, 4, to write to him as well.

Butler flew to Minnesota, where Mosier is serving his sentence. “When I saw him walking down the hall I knew he was the man for me. We talked for four hours and it felt like I’d known him all my lifetime,” she said.

Butler insists that she will reunite with her children once she settles in the United States.

“He took my hand and told me how much I meant to him, and he broke down, which is unusual for him,” Butler said.

“He then told me that he wanted to make me happy and asked me to marry him. Of course I said ‘yes,’” she added.