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New online craze ‘bubbling’ shows men urinating into their own mouths

By Mason White 8:00 AM July 3, 2014
Todd Carney bubbling 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) The latest disgusting craze is called bubbling, where men and teens are seen urinating into their own mouths.

The craze is said to have started as a joke among some men, and a photo of the act quickly spread on the Internet.

Others copied the act and posted the photos online. One such photo showed a young man urinating into his mouth in public at a rock concert.

Bubbling has already hurt the career of one Australian man. Aussie rugby league star Todd Carney, was fired after his photo of his bubbling made its rounds on the Internet.

The Cronulla Sharks star was fired over the weekend, after a photo of him carrying out the gross act in the toilet of the Sutherland Shire nightclub Northies, was posted to the Internet by a friend.

Carney, 28, described the act as “a joke,” and he is devastated that he let his mother down and lost his career over this silly act.

A Facebook page was created in his honor, encouraging young people to imitate Carney’s act.