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Woman calls police after neighbor pours large amount of urine on her and her belongings

By Mason White 7:20 AM July 4, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
A Connecticut woman had her neighbor arrested after her belongings were destroyed by his urine.

Middletown Police arrested the 22-year-old man after he poured human urine on his neighbor.

Charles Francis Stack of 5 Frazier Avenue, was arrested and charged with first degree breach of peace, third-degree criminal mischief and interfering with an officer.

Police said that Stack went to his neighbor, who lives in the same building as him, and poured a container full of urine on her, covering her body, clothing, face and her entire room.

Upon arrival, police said that they found a large amount of urine with a “very strong odor.”

The woman told police that Stack never liked her and has threatened her in the past. He also used bad words on a regular basis.

Since they both live in the same building and share common areas together, this is considered a domestic incident, police said. Stack was arrested with bail set at $20,000.