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Racist woman fights with young children and challenges man over his small penis

By Mason White 7:44 AM July 4, 2014
Sue Wilkins 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A woman is making headlines after a racist video rant was posted to the Internet.

The woman was recorded on a train in Australia, throwing out a series of racist comments towards an Asian woman.

Witnesses said that the incident began when young children aged 12 and under of Asian descent, refused to get up and give the woman their seat.

The woman, identified as 55-year-old Sue Wilkins, called police to complain about the naughty kids.

The children’s mother stood between the woman and her children so that she does not hurt them. When a man began defending the children, Wilkins unleashed her racist rant.

Kareem Abdul recorded the incident and posted the video to YouTube, which was viewed more than 282,400 in just two days.

Wilkins was heard telling the man: “Can’t you get an Aussie girlfriend, you got to get a gook? You sad, poor, pathetic man.”

She also repeatedly mocked the Asian woman’s accent and told her to go back to China.

Wilkins attacked him, saying that he must have a small penis and that was why he could only get an Asian woman.

The rant went on for over two minutes. Wilkins placed her hands on her eyes to mock Asian people.

Wilkins later apologized for her remarks saying that she was having a “rotten day.”

The woman explained that she does not have a job and that she had just returned to Australia from Holland, after being scammed out of $100,000 Australian dollars by a Dutch man she met on an online dating site.