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Man eats his friend’s heart because he refused to share his bowl of noodles

By Mason White 1:00 PM July 7, 2014
Bowl of noodles illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man is dead after he refused to share a bowl of noodles with his friend, police in China said.

The victim was killed, beheaded and his heart was removed from his chest after the fight over noodles.

48-year-old Bo Tuan allegedly carried out the brutal attack against 29-year-old Yul Liaos.

“It was bloody awful and I cannot get the images out of my mind. He sliced ​​the man open like a sack of rice, and pulled his heart in front of all of us, I swear it was still beating,” a witness at the scene told police.

“Several people fainted, I wish I could have fainted. I see the scene even when I close my eyes,” the witness added. With the heart in his hands, he wandered around outside the noodle shop.

When officers arrived 40 minutes later, Tuan did not fight or resist arrest. He was charged with murder.