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Married woman shares her life with cardboard cutout of actor Bradley Cooper (video)

By Mason White 1:06 PM July 7, 2014
The Davies family with the cardboard cutout 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A New Jersey woman, who desperately wanted to marry a Hollywood actor, decided to share her life with a cardboard cutout of Bradley Cooper.

39-year-old Danielle Davies, launched a website titled “My Life with Bradley Cooper,” along with an Instagram account with the same name through which she chronicles her daily activities with the life-size cutout of the actor.

When asked about her bizarre behavior she replied: “Why? Because, folks, this is America. Why not?” “The fact is that while most of us do not actually live our lives with movie stars, many of us wish we did,” Davies said.

“If I want a life with Bradley Cooper, I will just make one up,” she added. The woman takes along the cardboard Cooper everywhere she goes.

Davies described her husband, Ed, as the most patient husband in the world. Ed is not interested in sharing his life with the cardboard cutout.

Davies said that she hopes to write a book about her adventure with the cardboard cutout.