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Man divorces his wife on wedding night after her former lover gives him intimate pictures of his bride

By Mason White 3:20 PM July 7, 2014
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By: Devansh Dutt
A man who was furious about the infidelity of his new bride, decided to divorce her on the wedding night.

The groom of Saudi Arabia, filed for divorce after receiving a memory card from his wife’s former lover that contained compromising pictures of his bride.

The memory card was delivered to the groom along with a nice bouquet of flowers. A card urged the groom to look at the contents of the memory card.

A cleric at the wedding ceremony said that the groom was so outraged by the scandal that he demanded instant separation. The couple was still at the wedding reception when the images emerged.

The incident began when the bride’s former lover tried to win her back, but when she refused, he decided to show the explicit photos to her new husband.