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Police officer dies while participating in armed robbery

By Mason White 2:12 PM July 7, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
A police officer died while being on the wrong side of the law.

The police officer of South Africa, was killed during a robbery at a fruit and vegetable shop in Umzinto, according to the KwaZulu-Natal Police Department.

The 33-year-old officer, who worked for the Umlazi Tactical Response Team, is suspected of being part of a group that broke into the store and demanded money at gunpoint.

A shootout occurred between the store owner and the suspects. The police officer was shot and killed at the scene.

A second suspect was wounded and is in a hospital under police guard. The store owner was shot in the stomach and is said to be in stable condition.

The officer’s 9mm pistol was recovered at the scene. The weapon will be sent for ballistic tests to determine if it has been previously used for criminal activity.

The hospitalized suspect was charged with armed robbery and attempted murder. Police are still looking for three suspects who fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of money.

“We are deeply disappointed that a member of the police force was involved in criminal activities. Such actions reflect negatively on the image of the police, but it also encourages us to work harder to get rid of corrupt officers from our force,” police spokesperson Thulani Zwane said.