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Hotel workers throw live dog into garbage crusher

By Mason White 9:44 AM July 8, 2014

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Anger is growing after two hotel workers threw a live dog into a garbage crusher.

Now, a hotel manager and the two workers at the hotel, have been suspended after being accused of throwing the 1-year-old dog into the garbage crusher.

The two workers have since been charged with animal cruelty.

The puppy named Billy, died several days after the incident.

British tourists found the dog after the incident at the Anastasia Hotel in Protaras, Cyprus.

Horrified animal lovers staged a protest in front of the hotel.

An animal rights group has issued a statement about the death of Billy, on its Facebook page, asking that the case be handled in the same way as if a human was killed.

The owner of the hotel issued a statement: “Tsokkos Hotels would like to clarify the following about this unfortunate and condemnable incident. The hotel management has received complaints from customers about a sick stray puppy wandering around the hotel and near the pool. The hotel manager immediately instructed two employees to take the puppy to a local shelter to get the proper attention. Moreover, the hotel manager has informed the competent authorities to address the issue. Unfortunately, the two employees did not follow the instructions. We immediately informed the police in order to provide a detailed account and record the incident. Tsokkos Hotels condemns this unacceptable, intolerable and inhumane act, and has already taken the necessary measures against the employees. In addition, all persons involved have been suspended and under police investigation.”

The public is calling on tourists to boycott the hotel.