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Woman in trouble after her dog attacks man and bites him on the groin

By Mason White 11:28 AM July 8, 2014 

By: Red poodle illustration
(Scroll down for video) A man was left with pain and without his girlfriend after a dog attacked him.

The dog owner is being held responsible after her unfriendly pet attacked her friend’s boyfriend and bit his penis.

The incident began when the female owner of the red poodle, named Lai of Taichung, Taiwan, asked her friend, who is named Chang, to care for the pet for a few days.

The dog does not like strangers. However, he was fine with Chang as it knew her, but the dog was frightened when Chang’s boyfriend Yang, came into the home.

The dog jumped onto Yang and bit his privates, causing his groin to bleed. The dog’s attack left a one inch long cut on Yang’s manhood.

Yang dumped his girlfriend and sued her and the dog’s owner, who later agreed to pay about $2,300 for his injuries.