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17-year-old boy fatally shoots his father because he threatened to take away his cell phone

By Mason White 10:39 AM July 9, 2014
Scene of the shooting 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A boy was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly shooting his father because he threatened to take away his cell phone over bad grades, police in California said.

The Bakersfield Police Department said that they will charge the 17-year-old suspect as an adult for shooting 37-year-old Derick Mitchell.

Police officers arrived at the house located on the 8900 block of Cinnabar Court just after 7:30 p.m. An officer entered a room where they found Kody Mitchell laying on the carpet with blood on his shirt, hands, arms and legs.

Mitchell was crying and said: “It was just a discussion. I was just trying to scare him so I took the gun from the dresser. I did not know it was loaded. Why was it loaded? I did not mean to shoot him.”

Mitchell’s mother said that before the shooting, they threatened to take away the cell phone from him due to low grades.

Derick Mitchell was found with a gunshot wound to the chest. Mitchell died about an hour after arriving at a hospital. The teenager has been arrested and charged with first degree murder.