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Man seen on video molesting woman who was passed out drunk on the street

By Mason White 11:08 AM July 9, 2014
The man seen touching the victim 

By: Anika Rao
A man was caught on video pulling down a woman’s pants.

Photos of the unconscious Chinese woman being molested by a stranger in public have gone viral.

The intoxicated woman was seen sitting in front of the Good Cafe coffee shop in the city of Nanyang, Henan province, when the man approached her, not to see if she needed help but to sexually assault her.

The man was seen pulling down the woman’s underwear and sliding his fingers inside her. A passerby who witnessed the sexual assault, chose not to intervene, but to photograph the whole thing.

Now, people are calling for police to investigate and arrest both people involved in the incident.

People want justice and are demanding police arrest both, the man who was seen taking advantage of the drunk woman and touching her inappropriately as well as the person who took photos of the incident without stopping the pervert or calling police to arrest him for his terrible act.

Many people on social media said that these photos show “the best reason to stop drinking.” So far, police have not located the perverted man or the victim, and no arrests have been made.