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Hamas releases video warning Israelis of suicide bombing on every bus and cafe

By Mason White 2:28 PM July 10, 2014
Hamas warns of suicide bombings 

By: Aryeh Savir
(Scroll down for video) Hamas has released a video in which they warn Israeli citizens that they will send in suicide bombers to blow up every bus and cafe, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported that Hamas has broadcasted on their Al-Aqsa TV, numerous videos in Hebrew in the past days in an attempt at psychological warfare against Israel, or at least in an attempt to make its own people think it is successfully intimidating Israel.

The videos include threats in broken Hebrew to return to suicide bombings, stabbings and other terror attacks against Israelis. Hamas also falsely claimed to have hit the Israeli Knesset and made it tremble once, and threatened to do it again.

The clips include threats such as: “Zionists, wait and see terror attacks and stabbings everywhere. Wait for suicide attacks on every bus, cafe and street. Wait for the rage and for revenge for Gaza, wait for the flames of the West Bank, inside you.”

“Zionists, we can reach you above ground and below it. So start counting the number of coffins you’ll need in these months. Zionists, do you still remember the rockets that made Tel Aviv and the Israeli Parliament tremble? We just wanted to tell you that we have thousands of them,” the video warns.

As Hamas keeps launching rockets against Israel, and as Israel’s Operation Protective Edge responds by targeting Hamas’ terror infrastructure, Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement is openly supporting Hamas and has produced their own videos in Hebrew.

PMW has documented threats made by Fatah on social media, and today Fatah posted two videos threatening Israelis: “A message to the Israeli government and the Israeli people: Death will reach you from the south to the north. Flee our country and you won’t die. The KN-103 rocket is on its way toward you.”