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Missing cat found 200 miles away from home reunited with its owner after chip revealed where it came from

By Mason White 10:58 AM July 10, 2014
Black moggy cat illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man was reunited with his cat after it was found 200 miles away.

Construction workers in England, were forced to halt their work after they found a cat hiding under the floorboards of an unfinished hotel in London.

The local RSPCA workers, who were called to rescue the black moggy cat, set a trap with food to lure the cat out.

When the cat was rescued, its microchip revealed that it came to from Leeds, and had disappeared from its home 9 weeks ago.

The cat’s owner, 32-year-old Adam Williams, was delighted when he received a call letting him know that his cat was found and was safe.

Williams of Horsforth, said he has no idea how the cat, named Obi Wan Catobi, got there. Some people suggested the cat took the train, as the hotel was close to the Euston train station, but that would mean that the cat had to take several trains.

“The only thing I can think is that he got into the truck of a contractor worker who went there directly,” Williams said.

However Williams points out that his cats hates getting into cars or any type of vehicle. This mystery might never be solved,” Williams said.