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Woman suffers extreme pain after nose grew on her back

By Mason White 10:35 AM July 11, 2014
Nose illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A woman was hospitalized after a nose grew on her back, a doctor of Iowa said.

The woman developed the nose growth about eight years after a stem cell treatment to cure her paralysis failed.

She was rushed to the Hospital de Egas Moniz located in Lisbon, Portugal. The unnamed woman, a U.S. citizen, had nasal tissue implanted in her spine.

Doctors hoped that the cells will transform themselves into nerve cells and help repair the damage to the nerves in her spine.

However, the treatment failed. Last year, eight years after the stem cell operation, the woman, 28, complained of increasing pain in the area.

Doctors discovered a three inch long growth, which was found to be mainly the nasal tissue, and bits of bone and branches of nerves that had not connected with the spinal nerves.

Neurosurgeon Brian Dlouhy of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, Iowa, who removes the growth, said that it was benign.

“It was a mucus-like material, which was probably why it was painful,” he said. Jean Peduzzi-Nelson, a stem cell researcher at Wayne State University of Detroit, Michigan, who advised the team that carried out the surgical technique, said that most recipients of nasal tissue experience improvement. However, this woman was an exception.