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1-year-old girl gets stuck in mop bucket as her mom washes floor

By Mason White 3:05 PM July 13, 2014
Minnie Snodgrass stuck in bucket 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Firefighters were called to rescue a little girl who became stuck in a mop bucket while her mother was washing a floor, rescue workers in the United Kingdom said.

1-year-old Minnie Snodgrass, became embedded in the bucket belonging to her mother Gemma.

The accident occurred when Snodgrass of Conisbrough near Doncaster, left the bucket unattended. Minnie apparently took the opportunity to explore.

“She must have gone up, sat down and got stuck,” Snodgrass said. “I went upstairs to put some sheets on the bed, and I heard her brother Matthew, saying ‘Mom, Minnie is stuck,’” she said.

“I grabbed the bucket and I was panicking when I could not get her out,” she added. The anxious mother took her to a nearby hospital where staff called the fire department.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue arrived to help Minnie. It took four firefighters to free her from the bucket.