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Palestinian moderate Fatah party shows off its new female terrorist fighters in new video

By Mason White 3:59 PM July 13, 2014
Female Palestinian terrorist fighters 

By: Anav Silverman
(Scroll down for video) The so called moderate Palestinian Fatah party released a video, showing female terrorist fighters, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

As Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israel’s major cities, aiming at millions of Israeli civilians, Fatah has posted the new video, glorifying female Jihadist fighters.

Fatah’s most recent Facebook post on Friday, shows the video report from its Al Aqsa Brigades YouTube channel, which has been translated by Palestinian Media Watch, glorifying female suicide bombers and fighters.

In the video, Palestinian women are shown in physical training, assembling and setting up rockets and warheads. The video features a Palestinian female fighter, dressed in a black face mask and a yellow Fatah headband with a weapon, who is a member of Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.

Behind her, stands a group of female fighters, some wearing red nail polish, in the desert background with the yellow Fatah flag flying. She tells the TV reporter: “We are young women but we can do the impossible. We support our boys, our husbands and our leaders to liberate Palestine in the way of leader Yasser Arafat.”

The Palestinian female fighter also said: “We are the sisters of Dalal Mughrabi. We will continue to walk that path.” Dalal Mughrabi led one of the most lethal terrorist attacks in the history of Israel.

Known as the Coastal Road massacre, Mughrabi and other Fatah terrorists hijacked a bus on Israel’s Coastal Highway. They killed 37 civilians, including 12 children and wounded over 70 people.

“With a willpower stronger than mountains, these young women part from their children, leave their homes and go to the battlefield carrying burial shrouds to fight in the ranks of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip,” a voice on the video explained.

The voice also mentioned Hanadi Jaradat and Reem Riyashi, two female Palestinian suicide bombers. Riyashi blew herself up at the Erez crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel in January 2004, killing three soldiers and one civilian. Jaradat was one of the first female Palestinian suicide terrorists who blew up a Haifa restaurant in 2003, killing 21 people and injuring 51.