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20-year-old naked man breaks into home and reads religious texts to woman

By Mason White 12:47 PM July 14, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
A young naked man was arrested on charges of breaking and entering after allegedly entering a woman’s home, police in Washington said.

The Seattle Police Department said that the naked man admitted that he was high on LSD when he crashed into the house where he recited scriptures.

The family slept inside their home in the 400 block of Lake Washington Boulevard East shortly before 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday, when they heard someone crash through their front door.

The woman called police to her home, and her husband armed himself with a baseball bat. His wife and two young children were on the top floor of the house.

As officers arrived, they saw the naked man walking down the street, talking to himself. When the man saw the officers, he started running along Lake Washington Boulevard, but two officers were able to catch up with him and take him into custody.

After officers arrested the 20-year-old man, and he was taken to Harborview Medical Center. After his release, officers booked the man into the King County Jail.