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Man enlists friends to gang rape his girlfriend for leaving him

By Mason White 1:32 PM July 14, 2014
Bound woman illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man who wanted to punish his girlfriend for leaving him asked his friends to gang rape her, police in Nigeria said.

Tinubu Police said that the 23-year-old woman has filed a complaint against her former lover and his friends for raping her.

The incident began when her former boyfriend, One Nurudeen, met her late at night at a pharmacy. The woman decided to speak with Nurudeen.

Nurudeen called his friends, who took her to an apartment where they all raped her. The next day, she filed the complaint with the police and Nurudeen was arrested.

The suspect denied the allegations, saying that he left his girlfriend because of her infidelity. The suspect was brought before the Tinubu Magistrate’s Court on charges of rape.

Bail was set at N100,000 ($616).