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Man gets piece of land in Africa so his daughter can become a real life princess

By Mason White 11:48 AM July 14, 2014
Jeremiah Heaton places a flag in Bir Tawil 

By: Anika Rao
A father made his little girl’s dream come true by getting her land and crowning her a real princes.

Jeremiah Heaton wanted to prove his unconditional love to his daughter and prove that he would go to the other end of the world to make her dream come true, and he did.

Heaton of Abingdon, Virginia, flew to an African desert to take an unclaimed piece of land as his own “kingdom” to make his 7-year-old daughter’s dreams come true.

The father of three children, chose an area sandwiched between Egypt and Sudan, and placed a flag, which was designed by his children, as his first step to make his daughter Emily royalty.

After returning to the United States, Mr. Heaton and his wife made ​​a crown for their daughter, and told friends and family to call their daughter Princess Emily.

The 800 square miles of desert known as Bir Tawil, is one of the last pieces of unclaimed land on the planet.

Heaton said that it is a desert in northeastern Africa, some Bedouins roam the area. However, nobody actually lives there.

The idea came to Heaton during the winter, when he was playing with his daughter and he realized that she “has a fixation on princesses.”

“She asked me in all seriousness, if she would be a real princess someday. I said she would,” the proud father explained.

Princess Emily now wants to use her power for good and to ensure that children in the region of her kingdom have enough food.

Despite his claims to the land, her kingdom will have to be recognized by Egypt and Sudan.