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Firefighters seen on video cutting up washing machine to free stuck 3-year-old boy

By Mason White 9:11 AM July 15, 2014
Peng Tien stuck in washing machine 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A young boy climbed into a washing machine and became stuck inside, rescue workers in China said.

The boy surprised his mother after he not only managed to climb on top of the washing machine when she was not looking, but also managed to climb inside and get stuck.

After spending 30 minutes trying to remove the child from the machine, his mother, 27-year-old Qian Tien, finally gave up and called for help.

Firefighters who responded to the home located in the city of Suzhou, Anhui Province, resorted to breaking the machine by using hydraulic rescue tools and a grinder to saw the machine in half.

“The young man had no fear at all. In fact, he was very excited to see so many firefighters entering the house. I think his mother was more concerned when he saw the grinder than the child,” a spokesperson for the Fire Department said.

3-year-old Peng Tien was reunited with his mother in tears. She will need a new washer as her old one was reduced to scrap.