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Hasidic man attacked with eggs while walking on Staten Island street

By Mason White 12:32 PM July 15, 2014
Scene of the incident 

By: Aarav Sen
A Hasidic man was assaulted in an unprovoked attack while walking on a Staten Island street, police in New York said.

The New York Police department said that the incident occurred in Eltingville early Sunday morning, when a group of men in a car threw eggs, fast food and drinks, and yelled anti-Semitic slurs.

Police also said that the incident, which took place near the Young Israel synagogue, is being investigated as a hate crime. The incident occurred just after 12:30 a.m.

The 20-year-old victim was walking along Eltingville Boulevard when a gray four-door sedan drove by. The driver turned around, and the vehicle passengers began throwing the eggs and drink cups at the victim.

When the victim ran away, the suspects shouted anti-Semitic insults. A Jewish community leader however, said that this was not the first anti-Semitic incident.

“They roll down the windows and start yelling,” he said. “It’s part of the fabric of today’s society, and it is happening more and more,” he added.