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Boy, 14, commits suicide after classmate secretly recorded him masturbating and posted video online

By Mason White 9:09 AM July 15, 2014
Matthew Burdette 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A boy took his own life after he was bullied and humiliated when a video of his private moments went viral in school.

The family of 14-year-old Matthew Burdette of San Diego, California, is demanding answers after their son was recorded in the school bathroom.

Two weeks before his death, Burdette was expelled from class for eating sunflower seeds and with nowhere to go, he went to the bathroom at the University City High School.

A classmate looked over a stall and recorded the boy. He then posted the video to social media sites, claiming that Burdette was masturbating in the footage.

“The video went viral,” his aunt, Laura Burdette Mechak, said.
The video was seen by classmates and neighborhood children. For two weeks, he was bullied and taunted over the video.

Matthew never told his parents about the video. However, he wrote a suicide note explaining that he did not want to kill himself, but he had no friends and could not cope with school anymore, said his aunt.

After learning about the video, the parents went to the University City High School and demanded answers.

They were told that the school had launched an investigation, which means that they knew about the video, but did not inform the victim’s parents.

The family then went to the San Diego Police Department, where they learned that the boy who took the video confessed to the crime and had been arrested, but the District Attorney failed to answer their questions.

Burdette’s mother wrote a letter to the School Board demanding answers, but the Board of Education President claimed that he never heard about the incident.

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