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Teacher arrested for having sex with two students while her husband was away

By Mason White 9:58 AM July 15, 2014
Tiffany Leiseth 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested after she slept with two students, according to police in Pennsylvania.

The teacher was charged with felony institutional sexual assault after she had sex with two 18-year-old students at home.

26-year-old Tiffany Leiseth, worked as a substitute English teacher at the New Brighton School District, northwest of Pittsburgh.

Leiseth taught both young men, but the alleged sex acts occurred after school had finished for the year.

Police launched an investigation after receiving an anonymous tip that the teacher had sent nude photos to each of the young men.

Investigators subsequently met with those students and found the nude photographs which the teacher sent to them, according to Moon Township Police Chief Leo McCarthy.

In interviews with police, each victim described how he had been invited to the house of Leiseth, was offered beer and had sex with the teacher.

The first student came to her house on the last day of school. The second student was invited to her home the next day, according to police.

Leiseth lost her job in the wake of the charges. However, her attorney claimed that since school was over, she was technically not their teacher.

However, officer McCarthy disagrees. “Regardless of their age, or if it is consensual, a teacher cannot have a sexual relationship with her student,” said McCarthy.

Because the victims are 18 years old, the police cannot charge Leiseth for sending nude photos to the students.