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Pastor rapes married woman during cleansing ritual at river

By Mason White 12:08 PM July 17, 2014
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By: Anika Rao
A pastor was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly raping a married woman during a religious ritual, police in Nigeria said.

Delta State Police said that they have arrested the Pentecostal pastor identified as Chinedu, after being accused of taking the married woman to the river bank in the community to perform spiritual cleansing.

During the spiritual cleansing, the pastor forcefully undressed the woman and raped her. The woman came to the pastor for help after being married for 13 years to her husband without having a child.

After exhausting medical treatment the woman turned to the pastor for help. The pastor promised the woman a child if she agrees to undergo the spiritual cleansing at the river.

The pastor was brought before the Delta State Magistrate’s Court for a bail hearing. He was booked into jail and released after posting bail.