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Men throw friend overboard and run him over with speedboat in fight over beer

By Mason White 12:19 PM July 17, 2014
Paul Gerlach and Louis Borzoni 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Two men were arrested, charged and found guilty of killing their friend in a fight over cigarettes and beer.

The three friends were out on a boat when the drunken brawl broke out between them on board the speedboat.

Paul Gerlach and Louis Borzoni of England, murdered 30-year-old aspiring rapper Rico Dardis, who was the father of a 9-year-old child.

The pair was sentenced to life in prison after a court heard how they pushed Dardis into the sea and then drove the propeller of the boat into the drowning man, dismembering his body.

The boat, which ironically is called “No Chance,” was pushed to shore. Gerlach, 51, and Borzoni, 50, were seen trying to remove the limbs from the boat’s propeller.

A witness took a photo of the suspicious men. The image shows Gerlach looking overboard while Borzoni was looking under the boat.

A couple who witnessed a torso floating in the sea off Christchurch, Dorset, questioned the men and was told by Borzoni that it was a mannequin.

Police were called and one severed leg was found entangled in the propeller. His torso was later found floating in the waves.

Borzoni and Gerlach were jailed for life on Monday, after a jury found them guilty of murder.

The Honorable Justice Blake said that the last thing Mr. Dardis had heard before he died was the sound of a propeller approaching.

At sentencing, the Judge said that none of the men have shown remorse over the death of Dardis.

“You have deprived a family of a son and a 9-year-old child of a father,” justice Blake said.