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Angry mob attempts to set 2 prophets on fire after being accused of kidnapping mentally ill woman

By Mason White 10:32 AM July 18, 2014
Angry mob illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
Two prophets were nearly burned alive after being accused of kidnapping a mentally ill woman, police in Nigeria said.

Ekiti State Police said that the incident unfolded on Wednesday, when Mercy Arogundade and Sunday Akinbami, were surrounded by a group of angry men.

Locals accused the prophets of trying to kidnap Feyisayo Oguntuase. According to the initial police investigation, Oguntuase is mentally ill and is being treated by the two prophets.

The prophets, who are also pastors, operate a facility in which they treat mentally ill women. On Wednesday, Oguntuase escaped from the facility and the prophets took to the streets to search for her.

She was found on Adebayo-Iworoko Road, and the prophets detained her in order to take the woman back to the facility. However, passersby who witnessed the drama unfolding, mistook the prophets for kidnappers.

A large crowd surrounded the prophets and they attempted to set the two on fire. Luckily, police arrived at the scene and dispersed the mob.