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‘Meth prostitutes’ where women get paid to do meth with lonely clients is becoming popular

By Mason White 10:23 AM July 18, 2014
Woman doing drugs illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
Prostitution is known to be the oldest profession.

However, with so many women looking for quick and easy money, a new “prostitution” market called “Bing Mei” has emerged.

“Bing Mei” is especially popular in China, where people are actually paying prostitutes to do methamphetamine with them.

Prostitutes “who take ice” (slang for meth) don’t necessarily have sex with their client. Their “job” is to keep the man company and do methamphetamine him.

A man, who was identified as Hao, said that his friends began paying women for doing drugs with him after he realized that taking drugs with women was better than doing it alone.

At first, he was looking at high-class call girls. However, that ended up costing him a whopping 2,000RMB (about $322) per night, so he began looking for cheaper alternatives.

That’s when he found “meth prostitutes” or “Bing Mei.” Sadly, many of these women start out as bar servers and innocently join bar patrons to keep them company and do drugs together for money.

After getting involved with the drugs, many women become full fledged drug addicts. To feed their addiction, these women then choose jobs as stripper and prostitutes. Some want to be paid directly with drugs, which in some cases leads them to become full time “meth prostitutes.”