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Father of 5 children summoned to Gaza border brings along his wife to cheer up the soldiers

By Mason White 2:36 PM July 21, 2014
Captain Yisrael Yokel (bottom center) Tamar (top left) 

By: Aryeh Savir
A father of five children, who was called up for service at the Gaza border, decided to bring along his wife as a volunteer in order to cheer up the soldiers, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Captain Yisrael Yokel, an IDF reserves Deputy Company Commander, was called up twelve days ago, as part of the emergency call up for Operation Protective Edge.

He did not hesitate and went immediately, leaving behind his wife Tamar and five young children, who were forced to cope on their own with the rocket and sirens.

Yisarel’s unit is stationed in the Eilat area, a two and a half hour drive away from his home in Yerucham. He decided to surprise his unit, and asked his wife to join him in preparing the surprise for his men.

The couple owns the Out Door Training (ODT) company, Vitamin-C, which provides social and challenging team building activities for all ages.

Tamar joined in, making the five hour round trip, together with Ilanit Swissa, another volunteer. When she arrived, she found a group of tired and gloomy soldiers, who were almost completely disinterested in what she was doing there.

It took some time to get everyone involved, but in the end their spirits were lifted and the camaraderie that is at the heart and soul of the unit, was restored. She left a group of energized and excited soldiers.

Daniel of Tel Aviv said: “We encountered an energetic team, who really brought us together. We really enjoyed it and came together as a unit. At first, I thought it would be lame, but it was amazing.”

Another soldier, Ariel of northern Kiryat Shmoneh, said: “We came to the activities after a sleepless night, but the activities were outstanding and got us motivated. We started off exhausted, but now we are full of energy.”

The unit was treated earlier in the week, to gifts and food packages from members of a community in Eilat. The families came early in the morning, to present their gifts to the reserves soldiers, who left their homes to defend them.

This story is just one of numerous accounts of citizens who are coming out to help and show support for their fighting men and women in the IDF. At times of crisis, all become one family.