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Israeli soldiers kill 10 Hamas terrorists after infiltrating Israel through terror tunnel on way to terror attack (video)

By Mason White 2:44 PM July 21, 2014
Hamas terrorists moments before being killed 

By: Aryeh Savir
(Scroll down for video) 10 Hamas terrorists were discovered and killed while they were on their way to carry out a terror attack in Israel, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The 10 Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel early on Monday morning through a terror tunnel, entering between the Erez border crossing and the Jewish community of Nir Am. The group split into two.

An IDF observation unit spotted the terrorists and forces were alerted. One group was attacked by the Israel Air Force and eliminated. The other group was met by ground forces. All ten terrorists were killed. An anti-tank rocket was fired at the IDF forces during the fighting.

All residents in the area were ordered to stay in their homes and roads were shut down. Hamas has made several infiltration attempts over the past days.

On Saturday morning, two IDF soldiers were killed when a squad numbering 8 or 9 terrorists emerged from a tunnel near Ein Hashlosha, and engaged an IDF motorized force.

On Thursday, 13 terrorists emerged from a tunnel in the Eshkol region, but were spotted before escaping back into the tunnel. A bomb was dropped on the entrance into the tunnel immediately after they re-entered it, but is not clear if they were killed by the bomb.