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British parliament member under fire after saying he would fire rockets at Israeli civilians

By Mason White 2:58 PM July 23, 2014
David Ward would fire rockets at Israel 

By: Anika Rao
The Liberal Democrat Party of Britain, condemned one of its members for saying that he would fire rockets at Israeli civilians, the Zionist Federation of Great Britain said.

On Tuesday night, Liberal Democrat MP David Ward, published two highly inflammatory tweets on his Twitter account, demonstrating his support for Palestinians during the current conflict.

In his first tweet he argued that if he lived in Gaza, he would probably fire rockets into Israel, a war crime.

In his second tweet, he paraphrased a statement by John F Kennedy, “Ich bin ein #palestinian,” which compounded earlier evidence that he has a particularly unhelpful fixation on the Holocaust, without fully appreciating how sensitive Jewish communities are to its memory being abused.

“It’s clear that David Ward’s lack of concern for civilians is matched only by his lack of understanding of the current conflict. While it’s obvious that supporting the firing of indiscriminate rockets from Gaza, shows an absolute and disgusting contempt for Israeli lives, what he ought to realize is that it shows an equally unforgivable contempt for Palestinian lives as well. The Lib Dems should take measures against a man who evidently cares more about promoting the interests of Hamas than his own constituents,” Alan Aziz, the Zionist Federation Director, stated.