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Priest angry after discovering that two adult videos were shot in his church

By Mason White 11:44 AM July 24, 2014
The suspect inside the church 

By: Anika Rao
A priest and his congregants were horrified when they learned that people broke into the church to shoot adult videos.

Someone had tipped off the priest after recognizing the interior of the church in Austria, from the adult video clip that was uploaded to the Internet.

Police officers in Horsching, are investigating the complaint after crews used the sanctuary for allegedly shooting a series of sex scenes inside the church.

Officials said that these people did not have permission to use the site, and are now looking at how the movie makers gained access to the building.

In the video, the dark-haired female actor was wearing jeans and a white blouse while exposing herself. She was also seen holding a Bible in one hand and the rosary in the other.

Police are looking for the suspects so that they can be charged under Section 189 of the country’s Criminal Code, which prohibits creating “mischief” that is liable to cause a legitimate nuisance in a church or religious community.