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Serial killer and rapist turns out to be college student

By Mason White 11:07 AM July 25, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
People were shocked over the arrest of a man, who has terrorized them for a while.

The man raped and killed women and children on campus and other areas.

Now, the man was finally apprehended and appeared in court. Some relatives of his victims almost fainted when the 24-year-old resident was brought into court.

The suspect was an undergraduate student at the University of Venda of South Africa, when he committed the crimes.

He was arrested by a team of police officers at his home on Tuesday night. A cell phone belonging to one of the victims was found in his possession.

The young man is facing 16 charges, including at least four counts of murder and five counts of rape. He is accused of killing 9-year-old Tshililo Ndou, Zwhivhuya Mashau, 8, Livhuwani Mmbodi, 20, and his most recent victim, Ndovhe Brenda, 45, who worked as a cleaner on campus.

Limpopo Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Fannie Masemola, said that the murderer struck his older victims on the head from behind before raping and killing them, while the younger girls were strangled after he raped them.