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Instant karma as man gets privates stuck on fence after molesting 8-year-old girl

By Mason White 11:51 AM July 27, 2014
Fence illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A man suffered severe pain after his privates was caught in a fence while trying to flee, according to police in South Africa.

The man entered the room of an 8-year-old girl after he learned that her mother had gone to Harare for a funeral.

46-year-old Kingsley Moyo, entered the girl’s bedroom through an open window where he found the girl sleeping. He undressed and climbed into the child’s bed.

After striping the 8-year-old girl, Moyo allegedly began touching the girl’s private parts as he prepared to have sex with her.

In the process, the girl awoke and began screaming, attracting the attention of her grandparents, who were sleeping in another room.

The grandparents ran to the girl’s room and tried to restrain Moyo. However, he quickly jumped out the window without his clothes.

The grandparents of the girl followed in hot pursuit. Moyo was captured after he tried to jump a fence and was poked in the genitals with a sharp spike from the fence, which surrounding the home of his victim.

After the freak accident, Moyo reportedly collapsed in agony. The grandparents held him down until police arrived.

Moyo was charged with attempted rape and unlawful entry. He was later found guilty of the charges and was sentenced to 4 years in prison.