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Man finds his missing expensive watch after its alarm goes off inside his dog

By Mason White 12:32 PM July 28, 2014
Watch and dog illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A man was reunited with his missing expensive watch after its alarm went off inside his dog’s stomach.

66-year-old Terry Morgan of the United Kingdom, searched everywhere for his beloved watch before finding it in his dog.

His dog thought that the $850 watch was a snack and swallowed it whole.

Morgan said that he did not suspect his dog, but when the alarm of the watch went off at its usual time, he realized it is in the dog’s stomach.

He took the dog to the vet for emergency surgery. The surgery would have cost him $1,700 to recover the $850 watch. However, when his dog saw the anesthetic needle it coughed up the watch in fear.

The ordeal still cost him $340 as veterinarians in Exeter, had to do an X-ray to see if there was something left in the dog’s stomach.