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Hot woman gets breast implants in order to become a better mother

By Mason White 2:44 PM July 28, 2014
Tamsin Wade 

By: Hydar Tomar
Most women who get bigger breasts, said that they are doing so to boost their confidence.

One mother however, claims that she got her implants for her son’s sake, so she can be a better mother to him.

19-year-old Tamsin Wade of Suffolk, England, used to be happy with her 32D bra size, which she had before giving birth to her son Finley.

However, after his birth, her breasts went down to size 32AA. They appeared smaller and unequal.Wade felt very uncomfortable with herself.

She did not go swimming, attend play dates or school functions with her son Finley, who is now two years old.

At that time, the teenage mother decided to get her life back and get breast implants, which would allow her to face the world and enjoy outdoor time with her son.

Wade took out a bank loan to increase her breast size. “After the surgery I felt much better, and immediately began to join groups of moms and babies for me and Finley,” Wade said.

“He loves me and I love spending quality time with him,” she added.