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12-year-old dies after being sucked into drain pipe in swimming pool

By Mason White 12:34 PM July 28, 2014
The drain pipe 

By: Anika Rao
A family’s vacation ended in tragedy after their 12-year-old boy’s body was found inside a drain pipe.

Tain Tseng went missing while playing at a waterpark during the vacation with his family in China.

Tseng was playing in the pool of the waterpark, which is owned by the Qinglong Hot Spring Hotel in Xi’an, when he suddenly disappeared.

The family was enjoying the last day of their vacation when their son went missing.

His 43-year-old father, Kung, said that when he realized that his son was not in the pool he instantly suspected the worst. Kung immediately told the staff that he thought his son was sucked into the big hole where the drain pipe was located, but the staff members insisted that it was impossible.

However, after the boy was not found, staff members searched and found the child’s body inside the pipe. They had to drain the pool in order to access the two meter deep pipe.

The pool will remain closed while an investigation is being conducted.

Li Yadong, a lawyer representing the hotel, said that the waterpark had opened almost three months ago, and was still in a trial period when the tragedy happened.

The hotel offered money to the family, but would not disclose the details of the agreement.