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Father beats up police officer who pulled over his teenage son for driving motorcycle without license

By Mason White 3:46 PM July 28, 2014
Officer Chen Yu 

By: Aarav Sen
A man was arrested after putting a police officer in a hospital.

The incident began when a 16-year-old boy was riding his motorcycle without a license and car plates in Chengdu, China.

During the traffic stop the spoiled teenager called his father to come beat up the officer who was trying to arrest him.

According to reports, Xiao Yan was stopped by officer Chen Yu on Thursday afternoon. The officer discovered that he was driving the motorcycle without license plates and driver’s license.

The officer asked the teen for his age. Yan replied that he was 20 years old, but when he was asked again, he admitted that he had just turned 17.

When his lie failed miserably, the boy insisted on leaving the scene. He argued with the officer for about three minutes, until he called his father and told him that he had been wounded by the officer.

The teen allegedly lied again and told his father that the officer left him with bruises all over his body.

His father arrived at the scene about 20 minutes later, and began yelling at the police officer, insisting that his child should get a medical check up rather than being taken into police custody.

Meanwhile, police patiently tried to explain to the parent that it was illegal for the minor child to drive and that the guardian must assume responsibility.

These words angered the father, and he attacked the police officer. The officer fell to the ground after he was punched by the father.

Back up officers who arrived at the scene, took the father and son to the station for further investigation. Officer Yu was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries.

The teen and his father were charged with obstructing and assaulting a police officer.