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College students seen running in street wearing underwear during strong hail storm

By Mason White 10:02 AM July 29, 2014
College students running on street during hail storm 

By: Aarav Sen
A group of college students decided to seize the moment of a strong hail storm to run through the streets of the United Kingdom, in their underwear, according to a photo uploaded to the Internet.

Southeastern parts of the United Kingdom, have been affected by flash floods and disruptions, as hail and thunderstorms battered Sussex and surrounding counties.

The image of the college students running naked on the street was uploaded to Twitter by TV personality Annabel Giles, who lives in Brighton.

She wrote: “The reaction of Kemptown residents to the storm.” She also said that she was proud of them. Almost half a month’s worth of rain fell in just an hour in some places.

Train services were canceled and houses were flooded.

Lightning caused disruption of rail service during the morning rush hour, while firefighters rescued people from homes and cars affected by the floods.