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Woman seen on video removing her clothes and blocking ATM at busy train station

By Mason White 3:34 PM July 29, 2014
ATM illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A woman caused a commotion at a busy train station after she removed all her clothes.

Commuters in Hong Kong, were surprised to see the 37-year-old woman removing her clothes at the MTR station in Mongkok.

About 2:00 p.m., the woman, identified as Liza, placed her nude body in front of the ATM to block people from using it.

Her belongings, including her suitcase, clothing and shoes, were scattered across the floor. At first, Liza began wandering around the area. Later, she raised her hands and began shouting.

She ran over to the Hang Seng Bank ATM and pushed a man who was in the process of using it.

She stood guard in front of the machine, blocking the man from getting close.

The man, who had inserted his card into the ATM, could do nothing more than wait patiently for the nude woman to move.

At one point, a woman approached Liza and handed her some clothes, but she did not seem to appreciate the gesture and refused to get dressed.

Meanwhile, MTR staff members rushed to the scene and tried to give the woman a jacket, causing her to become more irritated.

While the staff took care of Liza, the man tried to sneak back to the ATM to retrieve his card, but the woman quickly ran back to the machine to block him.

The incident lasted for about half an hour. It was resolved when the MTR staff persuaded the woman to cover up with a towel. Police and emergency workers arrived at the scene and the woman was taken to a hospital for a medical check up.