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Married man stabs mistress after she infected him with HIV and left him for another man

By Mason White 10:48 AM July 29, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
A cheating husband was horrified to learn that his mistress has infected him with HIV.

The married man of Plumtree, Zimbabwe, said that he stabbed his girlfriend because he felt betrayed when he caught her with another man.

26-year-old Tawanda Nyoni, appeared before Bulawayo Regional Magistrate Crispen James Mberewere, on charges of attempted murder.

Nyoni told the court that he and his girlfriend decided to stay together even though she infected him with the virus. He also said that he explained to the woman that it was a crime to infect another person with HIV. However, he was extremely hurt when he found her with another man.

Prosecutor Trust Muduma told the court that Nyoni and his lover got into an argument after he saw her having a good time with another man at a local bar.

Nyoni spotted the couple and followed them at a safe distance. When they reached the other man’s house Nyoni confronted the pair.

Nyoni grabbed a knife and stabbed his lover twice in the back, and then pierced her stomach. He then jumped into his car and sped off, leaving the victim at the mercy of her angry boyfriend, who had no idea she was involved with another man.

People in the neighborhood, who heard the screaming, rushed to her aid and found the victim laying in a pool of blood. She was taken to a hospital.

Nyoni fled the scene, but later returned. A police report was filed and he was arrested.

Nyoni said that he acted out of anger after his lover deliberately infected him with HIV and later cheated with another man.