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18-year-old Palestinian arrested for throwing bomb at synagogue in Germany

By Mason White 3:05 PM July 30, 2014
Teen throwing Molotov cocktail illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A Palestinian teen was arrested on charges of terrorism after allegedly throwing a bomb at a synagogue, police in Germany said.

Wuppertal Police said that they arrested the 18-year-old man after being accused of throwing the bomb at the synagogue overnight.

According to the police investigation, three suspects fired several incendiary devices at the entrance of the synagogue. No one was injured and it appears that there was no damage to the synagogue.

A local resident called police when he saw a fire near the building. While questioning the suspect, he told investigators that he was a Palestinian.

The other two suspects fled from the scene. Government officials said that anti-Jewish behavior will not be tolerated.

Some citizens said that they are alarmed by the anti-Israeli chants in some of the demonstrations as they are ultra-sensitive about anti-Semitism because of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis.